Knitters Recommend Beginner Sock Patterns

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Sometimes when I ask a question in my Instagram stories, the amount of replies is so many that it’s easier to compile the replies here! This time it’s: Knitters Recommend Beginner Sock Patterns, which I asked about because Shaun is learning how to knit and wants to make #allthesocks. The list is below, * = the most recommendations.

4-Ply Sock Pattern and Tutorial by Winwick Mum

Basecamp Socks by Fancy Tiger Crafts

Basic Sock by Churchmouse Yarns

Blueberry Waffle Socks by Sandy Turner

Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist

Go Your Own Way Socks by Stacey Winklepleck

Hermione’s Everyday Socks by Erica Leuder

Hyak by Kim Swingle

Kjerste’s Swanky Socks by Victoria Burgess

My First Toe-Up Socks by Susan B. Anderson

Rose City Rollers by Mara Catherine Bryner

*Rye by Tin Can Knits

Silver’s Sock Class by Kristen Bellehuemer

Sock A Day Socks by Sarah Troia

Sock Recipe: A Good, Plain Sock by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Sole Mate Heart Socks by Elly Fales

Toe-Up Socks using German Short Rows by VeryPink Knits

*Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes